No upcoming leagues scheduled at this time.

League History

League Theme Winning team Captain
2019, Fall Garden Veggies Peas Kale Me Now  Zach Zegzdryn
2019, Spring Back From the Dead Dark Knights Matt Vorgang
2018, Fall Cartoons ? (Pink) Jimmy Castellano
2017, Fall Starts with "J" Jambiguous Joey Sullivan
2016, Fall Pokemon  Psydisc   Jake Miller
2015, Fall Mythical Creatures Pegacorns Jay Stumpf
2014, Fall Building Reddi-Mix/Greenhouse All Stars Heidi Binder/Ken Lierserson
2013, Fall Music genres Hip Huck Erick Barney
2013, Spring Villains Wicked Witch/West Erick Barney
2012, Fall Candy Stay Puft Tony Havens
2012, Spring Catastrophe Ring of Fire Jay Michalson
2011, Fall Halloween Pumpkin Huckers Jay Michalson
2011, Spring Superheroes The Incredible Hucks Jay Michalson
2010, Fall Muscle Cars Tranny Droppers Kevin Roberts
2010, Spring Directions Lefty Lucy Kevin Roberts
2009, Fall Four Elements Hot Spot Marisa Dunbrasky
2009, Spring Old West Greengos Geoff Young
2008, Fall none ?? Geoff Young
2008, Spring none Joe Blow Joe Dunbrasky
2007, Fall First League! Ruckus Joe Dunbrasky